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  • A stripped down to the basics stool: Three legs, three stretchers and a top. Legs & top are attached with a tapered tenon joint that gets tighter as you sit on it, so this stool will last for generations.

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Built to last.

We use Baltic Birch plywood to build our vinyl cubes. It's void free and has 9 plys for maximum stability. These are custom fine-graded faced sheets. We use a special method to cut all of the pieces in one strip so the grain wraps around the edges. We've sold over ten thousand of these and have yet to hear of one breaking in use.

Made in Ohio.

We're a small shop in Cincinnati, Ohio. Stop by and say hello. Your purchase supports American manufacturing and your dollars get spent on materials and tools from other local suppliers.

Three Legged Stool - Wormy Maple / 18"