Vinyl Record Storage Furniture

Vinyl Record Storage Furniture

Stackable, durable, great looking storage for your vinyl records, books & media.

The SWG Storage Cube System
A Modular, Stackable Media Storage Solution

Our system is flexible. Feet (if you want them) rest in divots on the top of each component. Rearrange them, move them, and grow or shrink your system with your collection.

Vinyl In, Dust Out

All of our components feature a unique door that easily slides from open to closed. Protect your collection from dirt & debris, show off the spines or keep your cats out.

Fully Assembled*

Just open the box. The fact that they're fully assembled does mean our shipping costs are higher, but we think the increased durability is worth the tradeoff. *If you opt for casters, you'll have to attach them. We'll pre-drill the holes for you ;)

Built To Last

We've sold over 20,000 of these and have yet to hear of one breaking during use. We use Baltic Birch plywood to build our vinyl cubes. Google it: it's void free, has 9 plys for maximum stability. This is not the cheap stuff. The joints are glued rebated miters: super crisp edges, continuous grain wrap. If FedEx or UPS treats them too roughly, we'll take care of it.

Proudly Made in Ohio

We're a small (but growing!) shop in Cincinnati, Ohio. Stop by and say hello. Your purchase supports American manufacturing and your dollars get spent on materials and tools from other local suppliers.

The Storage Cube is the foundation of the our vinyl storage furniture collection. It features a door that pivots and slides into the top of the cube, so it looks tidy whether open or closed.

Optional divots on the top of the cube and feet on the bottom interlock to create a stable unit.

Four available finishes and a wide range of door colors allow you to customize your cubes to match your style.

Keep your playlist handy or select some favorites for easy browsing. Our open top bin is perfect for browsing your playlist or showcasing favorite albums. The perfect addition to a collection of cubes.

Store your 45s / 7" records right alongside your LPs, in a cabinet featuring the durable construction and clean, modern design we're known for.